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Dental Implants

  • Cement or screw retain
  • Titanium, Zirconia, Crom cobalt abutment

As implant solutions advance, we have seen an increasing reliance on dental laboratories

for support in case planning to meet restorative challenges for the many different implant solutions. At Natura-Like Dental Lab, we have developed valued working relationships with respected implant suppliers who partner with us on our implant cases, so we can provide high-quality, long-lasting implants for our clients.

We combine our high quality, in-house milled zirconia or PFM material to any of our implant options such as screw-retained implants or overdentures to provide permanent restorations that are strong, chip-resistant, and durable for any and all patient or dental clinician implant needs. Our team of skilled implant technicians work efficiently and tirelessly to present successful treatment solutions for you every time.