This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information please feel free to contact us

Phone : Metro (817) 267-2502
Toll Free (817) 267-2502
E-MAIL: info@naturalikelab.com

  • Q : What is the turn around time for crowns/bridges?
  • A : We require 10 working days to complete crown and bridge cases. 1 day for pick up, 1 day for delivery and 10 working days in the lab
  • Q : How much does it cost to rush a case?
  • A : The cost of rushing a case depends on how quickly you need the case back to your office. Please call the lab to discuss rush fees.
  • Q : How can I schedule a pick up?
  • A : Please contact the lab to schedule a pick up for your office or send us email on the contact page
  • Q : How can I set a pickup Removable for a Same Day Service?
  • A : Please call the lab and speak with a removable representative to best ADVISE you on setting up a same day service. Please note that all same day services depend on availability and must be scheduled one day in advance.
  • Q : Can teeth be added to valplast?
  • A : No, because acrylic and valplast do not bond together and if we must,tooth will come off within weeks.
  • Q : What impressions do I need to add a tooth to an acrylic partial or metal partial?
  • A : Pick up impression and opposing.